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 Gift Certificate Information

How to Order a Photo Quilt Gift Certificate

Our gift certificates can be purchased directly from our Order Form.
Mark the quilt size you are ordering and also mark  Gift Certificate .
Fill in the order with YOUR address and contact information. You will receive an automated confirmation of your order submission followed by a personal order confirmation. We will request delivery information for the gift certificate recipient and provide you with delivery options.
DO NOT pay until you receive our Personal Order Confirmation. 
MemoryQuilt_GiftCertHave a Question ? Ask us HERE.
We will be most happy to answer your questions.
Gift certificates are non-refundable.  The total charge will be listed on your personal order confirmation.  Gift Certificates are NOT affected by price changes but must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase date.

Suggested Delivery Options:

Mail or E-Mail the Gift Certificate to you. Mail or E-Mail Gift Certificate to recipient. 

How to Redeem your Gift Certificate  When the recipient is ready to order their Photo Quilt Creation,  use the  “Order Form” and include your QuiltStories Gift Certificate number.  It is that easy. 

Send a QuiltStories Gift Certificate to a special someone today.